Idle Hands Project

It's a new year and I'm ready to come back to stitching after taking a year off to do important things like travelling, moving home, and getting married. I follow many creative people on Instagram and have been inspired over the past year by ambitious projects to create something new everyday for a length of time. Two of my favourites are the Tiny Blades Project, Annyen Lam's 365 days of paper cutouts, and Jen Lashek's watercolour pattern a day for a hundred days. Projects like this struck me as a great way to explore, sketch, and practice. 

One of my most productive times is coming out an illness. The day when you know you're starting to get better because you mend all your clothes, or tidy your sock drawer. This time around I started stitching again. I picked up half finished pieces and started finishing them. And I came up with an ambitious project that I want to do for the next year and crowned it: The Idle Hands Project: 365 days of little embroideries. 

Follow my progress on Instagram, or here on my website. Wish me luck!