Sointula Art Shed Residency: Stitching

Week 1: June 1st - 7th

While in Sointula I will continue my embroidery-a-day project, Idle Hands. One of the ideas I had to work on while I'm here is to create some larger scale art pieces incorporating embroidery with archival photographs of Malcolm Island and Sointula. Some of these photos I brought with me, printed on card stock, rag paper, and canvas. 


I'm researching Finnish aesthetic for pattern inspiration, focusing on weaving patterns. The museum has a loom set up, but I couldn't find any information beyond the weaving of rag rugs. I will also be doing some drawing of local buildings and plants that might be incorporated into my embroidery in some way. At this point, I'm letting the time I'm here be determined by what I'm interested in doing, day by day. Although I have projects planned, I'm not forcing myself to complete anything specific over the next month.