Cottonwood Garden

Since moving to Vancouver I've been dreaming about getting involved in a community garden. The most beautiful one in the city (in my opinion) is Cottonwood Garden - to me it feels like a fairy wonderland of flowers, vegetables, berries and fruit trees. About a month ago I was lucky enough to get a plot and have been slowly working in it, baby in tow.  


First step was pulling up the three foot tall mess of lemon balm, buttercup, mint, fennel, and crab grass. There was a big pile of soil with lots of kale volunteers that I transplanted, along with a rhubarb root I hope will survive. 


I've laid a brick path with help from my dad and Paul, and have a plan for what I can start growing mid-summer for fall and winter harvest. My plan is to grow some veggies, flowers, dye plants and herbs.